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September 21, 2022

Tiny House Northeast intentionally includes questions in your custom design consultation about your pets, of any type, when designing the layout and space requirements of your portable tiny house or office. Beyond a window, or window access, a design component that is critical to include for cat(s) is a litter box nook and space for its c...

June 01, 2022

What if you could clear off your family's dining table and set up your work station in its own dedicated single-room building? What if you could concentrate on your work in a discrete, attractive and insulated building of your own, in the back yard or driveway?  Picture the light coming through over your desk with a view to the garden, ch...

May 01, 2022

The maximum width to travel with no special permit or license is 8.5' wide. Our trailers are only that wide total, including the fenders. In fact we don't even know any custom trailer builders that build trailers upon which a building would be permanently bolted that are 10' wide. Having said that, we can build a 8.5 deck-over t...

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Tiny House Northeast is a NH portable tiny home, hospitality, office and other building design-build business for New Hampshire type weather. We are pleased to work with you to live a more sustainable lifestyle in a tiny live or work space. There are a lot of components in building any house. We encourage you to review the website for core information.

If you need a complete or partially complete tiny house built for you; i.e., a Weelshell, for MA, NH, ME, CT, RI, VT or upper New York weather, as a few examples, please note that building start dates are based on the trailer purchase, deposit and a confirmed approved plan. It's normally completed 6-12 weeks after then, or later depending on the complexity of the tiny house project. For example, a 30' long tiny house that is turnkey - a Weelhouse - will require a longer wait than a 24' long house Weelshell.

For ongoing updates and news geared for tiny house owners and planners invested in Sustainable Development and environmental care in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Upstate New York State, etc, please visit the Tiny House New England Facebook page. No selling from outside parties is allowed on the Page, but the info is both sustainability focussed and for the tiny  community at large. Your "Like" is appreciated. Get involved with your online New England+-focused tiny house network community.

Note: Tiny House Northeast doesn't refer to tiny houses construction as a "movement". A "movement" suggests a temporary trend; that living conservatively to help reverse the damage of the planet is just a temporary goal. Building tiny houses for New England type weather is no trend! We've set our sights on a permanent adoption of conservation! Tiny customized portable buildings for home and business and education is are a permanent part of the plan. 

Call them granny pods, she-sheds, man-caves, tree-houses, portable farm stands, bob houses, hunting shacks, hospitality buildings, any configuation you need, we custom design-build them for the cold weather of NH for you to tow wherever you want to take them!

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