Tiny House Appliances & Fixtures

Notes about Appliances That Make Everyone Happy!

1. Please know that when THNE includes appliances in a tiny house for New England or Upper NY State they are normally purchased at normal retail or advertised sales prices. We're not in the business of appliance sales.

2. The home buyer normally purchases certain appliance types herself/himself. Any guarantees or warranties will be through the appliance manufacturer extended to you, the customer. If not chosen by the customer, then the choice of manufacturer will be ours. You will have an appliance that is a mid-quality product or better. Unlike some tiny house builders, we do not search for the bottom of the barrel. We have respect for your important purchase; your home.

3. In several cases, you'll make certain product purchasing choices yourselves, providing us with the specs in advance, and shipping the products to us since they require us to install them; e.g., a stovetop, oven, propane heater, hot water on demand, RV style toilet and some styles of composting toilets too. Otherwise, please have the product(s) delivered to where you will be parking for you to [hire to] install yourself; i.e., "plugging it in". For example, plan to have your electric refrigerator purchased after your tiny house on wheels arrives where you park.

It is more than possible that you can save money by discovering deals on new or even used/or refurbished appliances. Many dealers will deliver for free. We must have the specifications though (e.g., dimensions, electricity requirements), after the initial deposit for the tiny house and before any building ensues.

Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for the working order of used items or new items sent to us to install from third parties. We suggest purchasing from 1. directly from a reputable manufacturer (e.g., we consider ebay and craigslist items to be third party resources and are not direct from a reputable manufacturer) or 2. purchasing from an accountable national retailer (e.g., ACE Hardware, Lowes, Home Depot, etc.). If a component arrives to us that is damaged or not in working order from a third party seller, you will be informed and you will be responsible for product return fees and return administration. Please consider your self-purchases carefully.

Thank you!

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