Terms and Conditions

The Agreement & Deposit

Design* Planning Services

Planning services are fee based, with a payment* in advance, at which time the consultation time is scheduled. These services can continue on an hourly fee basis as long as we are helpful; from basic floor plans to engineered stamped plans. Your immediate, 2-year or 5-year plans are no problem. Order if and when you want to.

Tiny House Building Services

When Tiny House Northeast builds a Weelhouseâ„¢, or Weelshellâ„¢ for you it means you are prepared and ready to move forward with the order within 3 months or less. Before we are able to work with you in depth on a specific tiny house project, you will require evidence of financing. Note that lending institutions offer preapprovals for limited amounts of time. This is understandable since interest rates change and so do the financial circumstances of their clients. We don't finance projects, but there are lenders that do (e.g., tinyhouselending.com).

Building is how we make our living. We have no salespeople. Our time is chargeable.

Arriving at The Design Agreement: Options

Option 1. You provide us with professional stamped tiny house building plans for your tiny building just as you want it built. There are no design charges if they are engineered correctly.

Option 2. Discuss and draw amendments to existing plans you provide us. A minimum fee deposit of 150. is required before consulatation and amendments occur. Hourly fees vary according to expertise and licensing. Please ask.

Option 3. A custom design** is usually the most productive approach because each buyer has unique and important ways to use every square foot of their tiny building. We're adept at working with each person/couple/family or business owner to apply the insights derived from a detailed consulatation meeting. Isa C. is the go-to for the floor plan layout. Pre-paid consultation time varies. The flat 195. offer is an excellent first step, we hear from clients.

Proceed to Construction

Upon ordering the construction, 50% of the total cost of the tiny house is due as a certified check, via a bank to bank transfer, or cash. A 100% payment (i.e., balance) of the finished home is required before your tiny house can be driven away (or delivered). A Bill of Sale (i.e., a receipt) can not be offered until the project is paid in full. Be sure that this is clear to your lender: you will have a Purchase Agreement and NOT a Bill of Sale at the time of ordering/paying the deposit for the tiny house or other building. You are not seeking a "building loan". You are seeking a travel trailer style RV loan.

Your tiny house at any stage of completion (i.e., Weelhouse or Weelshell) will normally require 2 to 3 months to complete. Of course, a Weelshell of the exact same size and detail of a Weelhouse will require less time.

While your house is being constructed, it is normal to want to see the progress. Due to security and safety issues, customers aren't permitted at a worksite. We'll provide some photos along the way. It's fun to view the progress!

Getting Your Tiny House to Its First Destination

With our standard Weelhouses, it's as easy as towing it anywhere you like. The trailer is ready to be hitched and hauled away. If you can't locate a towing vehicle (e.g., Ford F150 or 250 for the shorter ones; e.g., 18' or less, or 3/4 ton to 1-ton for a 20' plus), we'll try to provide some contacts with whom you can negotiate the trip. Once the house leaves our workshop area, you must assume the full responsibility of its safe travels and be sure that the driver is insured.

The structures are predominantly wood. Therefore it does not "bend". Driving over potholes and/or into steep sloping areas is a risk to your purchase for which you take responsibility. The complete tiny houses are expected to travel nicely at 55 miles/hr on a highway, and at speed limits or less on other well-maintained roads.


Naturally, we take pride in our work and want you to be thrilled with your tiny house. If something breaks during normal use (children hanging off curtain rods or bicycles backed into cabinets are NOT normal use) within the first year, we will gladly repair it. THNE values quality at our core, personally and professionally.

Appliances/fixtures are covered by their own manufacturer's warranty (e.g., refrigerator, stove top, plumbing fixtures, etc.). You will have been provided with the warranty information to contact the manufacturer and assure they honor their agreements.

We encourage our customers to carefully review, purchase and install their own appliances once it has left the workshop, with the exception of plumbing fixtures: we do that (e.g., shower heads, toilet and other plumbing). However, Tiny House Northeast can also purchase/install appliances for you.

Please do report failures and breaks in appliances to us so we can track problems and try to assure they don't reoccur.

*The payment will depend on the anticipated complexity of the consultation based on a brief survey, usually via email, regarding the essential tiny house size and complexity.

**Good efficient designs often emulate classic architecture but are adapted to the tiny house environment. They are not extremely varied. Like the aerodynamic lines of a car design, our buildings default to certain common elements unless you choose to do something less conventional; e.g., a round or winged roof. In the case of a tiny house in New England, we use the best tried and true designs and combine them with solid building experience to optimize light and space, and focus on the efficiency and beauty of every component. [Our practical and creative interior architectural designer, Tim, can maximize your budget to make an affordable truly livable tiny space.]

Note about completion delays and Winter Weather:
Orders for tiny houses on wheels placed between October First and March thirty-first strictly adhere to these terms: If a building is ordered after September, the time window of delivery of a complete product (which is, for a complete tiny house on wheels, normally approximately 16 weeks, give or take a month depending on size and complexity) does not apply. If a building is ordered during the months of October through the end of March, The buyer understands and agrees that completion times cannot be guaranteed during the time frames mentioned due to winter weather conditions. Refunds will not be issued for buildings that cannot be completed due to poor winter weather conditions, frozen ground, or unforeseen circumstances (Force majeure). In the event a completion is delayed due to Force majeure, completion will be as soon as weather conditions permit it, with all building orders remaining in their original completion sequence. All tiny house Trailers, Weelhouses and Weelshells orders are NON-REFUNDABLE.

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