The THNE Team

"Straight up fun! People who have a Tiny House have a very positive outlook about their lives. Their tiny building, whether as a primary residence, a vacation home or home office space, has just what they need to live comfortably. All that unseen/unused "stuff" that normally sits in attics, closets and basements are not welcome in most tiny houses. You can keep what you love, but enjoy a lifestyle with so little cleanup and maintenance! You'll have the mental space to do what you adore: organic gardening, writing the great "enovel", or parking your tiny home in a beautiful natural landscape and rolling in the grass! Peer out from a northeast weather-ready tiny house. Your view of the Atlantic, White Mountains, Berkshires or a Green Mountain lake might be worth a "million dollars", but the price of the tiny house is approximately the cost of the truck that will tow it. All of this simple pleasure while conserving the resoures of the planet!" ~ Isa

Our CAD Pro! An engineer and instructor, Armando is fascinated by the tiny house phenomena. He takes our inhouse and customer supplied drawings (both require the THNE design consultation pre-Armando) and converts them to builders plans like a rock star! Whether on foundations to meet building code or tiny commercial or residential buildings on trailers built for NH, MA and the greater Northeast, he manifests what only a talented design-minded engineer can; a livable, solid plan upon which we can rely for stability and longevity.


Graphic designer, website support and overall internet communications guy, it's likely that you'll be communicating with Eric in response to a tiny house contact form you filled in. Eric is also Isa's go-to brother for logistics and tiny house finishes and improvements!

Previous owner of a tiny summer cottage (not on wheels) and a hidden stash of baseball cards, he's been known to step away from the computer long enough to go to a minor league baseball game.

A.A.; Concentration: computer arts


Isa spent much of her time in grad school learning and sharing information about Green Building. Now, a decade later, she is the Project Manager and the ongoing lead contact for Design and Customer Service at Tiny House Northeast - New England.

Isa owns a tiny Victorian cottage, and has been involved in that and other residential home building and maintenance since she was 19-years old, including contracting, resourcing and logistics for building projects. All presentations to libraries, schools and professional organizations are conducted by Isa, who has been well received from Seattle to Providence. [Presentations are fee-based only]

M.A. Regional Economic & Social Development; Concentration: Sustainable Development/green building. Isa's Professional Organization Presentations Info here


Group Organizer and internal-THNE project management, Katie is the "empath" on the team! She nearly is! Trained as a counselor, Katie has both brilliant business ideas, organizational administration skills, AND the ability to remain calm, and to calm others when we're busy and a 'bit nuts over here.


Read more about Katie >


Tim is a Boston native, educated in architecture and has worked in interior design, with a specialty in layout, for over 24 years. He has first hand knowledge of what small spaces can mean and has lived in them since 1985, both in Boston and the North Shore. He is excited about living small and the freedom less has to offer.

Designing personalized environments for living, working and being creative is a passion and sometimes even an obsession. He enjoys well crafted spaces for inspired individuals that take pride in their very own place of being.

M.A. Architectural Design


Additional Important Team Members include volunteers Wendy P, Paul B, Chris H and Others(!); all with a passion for tiny houses and their developing role towards more sustainable homes, and affordable housing. Thanks, THNE Team!


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