Preparing for Life in A Very Small House

There's no question that living in a very small space presents incredible advantages and some challenges.

Tiny House Northeast (THNE) recommends the amazing tiny house community on the Internet that offers insights into their building and living to help you prepare.

We hope that the information on our website is also useful to anyone who wants to enjoy this more environmentally and economically friendly type of home, requiring fewer resources to build, run and maintain.

You will discover that it is very difficult to spend more money on tiny house than a standard small house. Even in the short run, you will save resources, including cash. Keep in mind, however, that house construction requires a similar amount of "cuts" [e.g., in the lumber] when applying professional quality construction practices like THNE, and approximately the same number of components. Labor costs are somewhat reduced vis-a-vis a standard small house, however, there is a great reduction in the quantity or volume of materials.

We hope that by becoming informed and educated through this website and our classes you contact THNE to build your home, office, craftspace or seasonal lodging - but even if you do it on your own, THNE hopes we supplied information that helped encourage conserving resources and restoring a little health to the planet. Happy building!

There are several aspects of owning a tiny house on wheels that you want to have researched, before you engage a design-build business. This basic preparation saves you money and time, and it will ease your mind.

{If you need help getting your plan off the ground click here for experienced help}

The answers to the most frequent questions we hear concern the pieces of your potential building project that would be researched on your own. The reason for this is that the answers are specific to where you hope to be living. With hundreds of towns in the 7 States served by THNE, (tiny houses fo MA, RI, MA, NH, ME, VT, CT and upper NY) it is not possible for us to know the answers to the top 3 on your behalf. Please research where necessary:

1. Where are tiny homes allowed?

The ease or difficulty of parking full time year-round will be different from state to state, town to town and even zone to zone in some cases. You will discover that states, towns and zones range from being welcoming to nearly impossible. Bylaws are being developed, written, proposed to Town Administration and then voted upon unusually quickly (by government standards) in reaction to the interest in the tiny house lifestyle; some more restrictive and others less so.

2. How do I get water and electricity to the tiny house?

Access to a [heated] hose; e.g., at a nearby house, barn, shed, etc.; on-board storage; water cachement; and digging a well on your own land might be options - or some combination of them to meet the challenges of the changing seasons. It depends on where you are able and want to park.

3. How do I dispose of sewage and gray water?

Depending on your comfort with regular self-maintenance of your toilet system, including RV/marine types, composting or incinerator toilets, and what is allowed and sanitary, sewerage and even composting sewerage is a serious consideration. Strict laws concerning safe sewerage disposal have been developed over centuries and will not likely bend for tiny houses. A composting toilet in an urban environment should be considered impossible, unless you can locate a pickup service [or start your own business. There is a market for it]. Where gray water is concerned, such as dish-washing and used personal bathing water, your disposal processing will depend on your location. For both sewerage from an RV style toilet, and gray water, holding tanks below the tiny house are possible. They vary in capacity, and can accommodate gallons before they must be emptied. Check your chosen location(s) to see if and where there are local disposal facilities. Some RV campgrounds may allow dumping for a fee if you are not visiting there.

In this website we provide an ongoing plethora, myriad, crazy amount of information to help you understand the benefits, challenges and pose some options before you move ahead. The rest of the Internet is loaded with tiny house information! Become an educated consumer. THNE believes that your knowledge will lead you to our quality tiny home design and building services for New England and upper NY State.

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