A Showroom?

We don't have a showroom. THNE is a small business, striving for low overhead to keep prices down, with a small team that is in the tiny house design-build business with the expectation that by doing what we love, we're happy and then our customers are happy too!

We keep things pretty simple: high quality is not some shallow tagline for us.

Craftsmanship, sustainability and hard work is what we offer and what guides us. We have no salespeople and no models to show on stand-by. What gets custom design-built goes to the customer to be lived in!

We understand that you want to see and feel a tiny house. You should know what you're getting into, literally. THNE presents Tiny House Planning Basics classes almost monthly, which normally feature a tour inside and outside of a tiny house. It will provide a sense of space, design possibilities, and also some useful insights into "what not to do." Occasionally Tiny House Northeast has a tiny house tour in NH or MA, which raises money for either our tiny house on wheels free building space development in Wakefield, NH, or another New England social or environmental effort.

We can show you our brand of quality and craftsmanship with photos, but we can't imagine the right size for you!

If you can't make it to a class, you can visit or create a trial tiny home environment where you are in ME, VT, RI, CT, NH, MA or upper NY State. Here are a couple of ideas to help you figure it out:

1. Get the feeling of a typical tiny house space at your local shed retailer! Usually you can find a shed that features the 8' exterior width, which is the maximum width that as a year-round tiny house on wheels requires no special permit or license to tow behind you!

2. Mark out your ideal tiny house on wheels dimensions in an open space or in a large interior open space; i.e., 8' wide x 16', 20', 28' length, etc. Take measurements of your appliances - and note you'll be able to shave off a few inches with the smaller apartment or camper versions. Then "place" your "furniture and appliances" in the space you've marked using stones and sticks (this is a dog-free exercise!).

Until you try this it will be tough to know the length you need for yourself, a couple, family and pets.

3. Let us help you figure it out! With our consultation process>> , a process that results in not just a size of your optimum tiny house, but also birdseye plans from which we can build for you!

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