​When We Say "Custom", Your Cat Counts

Tiny House Northeast intentionally includes questions in your custom design consultation about your pets, of any type, when designing the layout and space requirements of your portable tiny house or office. Beyond a window, or window access, a design component that is critical to include for cat(s) is a litter box nook and space for its c...

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Portable Tiny Offices

What if you could clear off your family's dining table and set up your work station in its own dedicated single-room building? What if you could concentrate on your work in a discrete, attractive and insulated building of your own, in the back yard or driveway?  Picture the light coming through over your desk with a view to the garden, ch...

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We Don't Build 10' Wide Trailers. Try a Deck-Over Instead!

The maximum width to travel with no special permit or license is 8.5' wide. Our trailers are only that wide total, including the fenders. In fact we don't even know any custom trailer builders that build trailers upon which a building would be permanently bolted that are 10' wide. Having said that, we can build a 8.5 deck-over t...

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NH Mutual Bancorp Approves Tiny House Northeast as Its 1st Portable-Only Builders

Need financing for your tiny house dreams? We have good news. Tiny House Northeast is an approved builder with NH Mutual Bancorp. We are the first design builders who build exclusively portable buildings to be approved by this Bancorp, which includes NH Trust, Meredith Village Savings Bank, Merrimack County Savings Ban...

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Appendix Q in MA

Appendix Q, also known as the Tiny House Appendix, is legislation that applies to tiny houses on foundations, or "stationary tiny houses" of 400 square feet or less. Tiny House Northeast-Weelhouse does NOT build on site. This is for informational purposes. Appendix Q allows a few alternative construction practices.


MAINE LEGISLATION IS A WELCOME MODEL Keeping on top of portable tiny house legislation for New England means posting subject matter that has been and continues to be in mostly positive transition. Not wanting to add to the hype, we don't comment often in view of the myriad of political baby steps. However, we think it's pretty cool that Maine has r...

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Do we need someone to do this flavored water FOR us?

Do you have the minute per day to protect the planet from added plastic water bottle production and waste? Damn, we hope so!  At our core and from the outset of Tiny House Northeast, our mission to design-build tiny houses is bigger than income: it's to do our part to help make an immediate positive impact on Earth's sustainability. As lead Ed...

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