Do we need someone to do this flavored water FOR us?

Do you have the minute per day to protect the planet from added plastic water bottle production and waste? Damn, we hope so!

 At our core and from the outset of Tiny House Northeast, our mission to design-build tiny houses is bigger than income: it's to do our part to help make an immediate positive impact on Earth's sustainability.

As lead Educator at Tiny House Northeast, I've been stewing for a couple months over this new product called Hint, and similar water products. Hint is a mildly fruit-flavored water product packaged in plastic bottles. This is one of the most confounding new products against environmental health and good sense that could be concocted, especially now, when we know that climate change is severe and requires our best efforts as soon as "yesterday".

Hint is being heavily promoted because it's WATER. We can deduce that the business's profit margin is astronomical, and they have spent generously on advertising.

Can social media work for good today, and, rally against the manipulative advertising, highlighting the negative impact of products like this? Through yourselves, and other folks who have liked the Tiny House Northeast page, can we make enough noise together that makes a positive change to stop environmentally destructive products like this in their tracks? Please share if you think so!

Really, do we need more plastic production, when there are excellent alternatives for containers? Plastic is not our friend (noting that the countries that were accepting our plastics in the past to recycle for other applications aren't doing that much anymore - and haven't for a while). It ends up in landfills and in oceans. The tiny plastic particles end up in wildlife's foods and remain in their guts - And then we eat them! If the new manufacturing of disposable plastic water bottles in not bad enough, note that unlike soda and fizzy drinks that can be returned to the retailer in some States - [but not in our beloved NH. Ugh] - these water bottles aren't even part of a deposit/redemption program! What the heck?

Save our environment AND hundreds of dollars with the DIY recipe for flavored water below.

It's amazing how scientific and difficult this is (the problem is real and so is the sarcasm. NOT sorry):
1. Pour Tap Water [filter if you must] into a drinking glass, or portable tempered glass bottle, or portable stainless steel bottle
2. Pour a shot of any Fruit Juice(s) you have handy, from out of the refrigerator/cabinet, into the Water

Miraculous! You now have mildly flavored water in a container you can rinse and re-use (that won't leach anything you don't want in it in the hot sun). You can repeat this all day long: magically turning your water into water-with-fruit-juice.

You may not feel as strongly as I do against products like Hint, whose business is preying on our need for convenience at the expense of the Planet. But I hope to, at the very least, plant the seeds of common indignation. Can we join together to form and maintain positive habits in our reduced-carbon-footprint tiny house lives? I ask you, can we support the habits that are simultaneously good for our health and good for the sustainability of our 1 planet?

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