Portable Tiny Offices

What if you could clear off your family's dining table and set up your work station in its own dedicated single-room building? What if you could concentrate on your work in a discrete, attractive and insulated building of your own, in the back yard or driveway? 

Picture the light coming through over your desk with a view to the garden, children playing or pet romping, a space decorated for you and you only. It smells like wood and it's peaceful, simple and clean. On a video meeting, your colleagues won't be distracted by the cat on your lap, the dog barking to be let out, nor the child competing for your attention. But you're not a neglectful parent. No, you're right there, in a moment, a walk across the yard; to care for your household, and use the bathroom in the house at the same time. Then you return to the relative quiet of your very own portable office.  

Working at home can really be that nice!

What I wouldn't give to have an office right now and still be "at home"!

Anyone, 2022

Our portable offices will save thousands in car fuel annually reducing or eliminating driving to your company's or employer's location, even as the building needs heating, because our buildings are built for New Hampshire weather! With offices being only approximately 100/125 square feet, it takes mere minutes to both: make the room warm and comfortable after heat start up, and maintain that heat for hours on most winter days. People joke that a tiny house can be heated with a candle. That is an exaggeration, but it doesn't take much fuel nor time to have an incredibly comfortable heated or air-conditioned room to work in - that is also close to soundproof; i.e., a perfect environment. A mini-fridge completes the picture: food, shelter and peace. Ahh!

Ask us about a portable tiny office or other application. Each is custom design-built for your specific work habits and layout needs. We can design it in such a way that it can become a place to have guests, or sleep the young adult child or parent, who just needs that much separation from the main house with the plumbing from one that features a full compliment of electric for lights, heat and electronics. Prices range from 19,500 to 43,000, depending on length. Once built, customers tow their tiny offices wherever they will!

gate house

portable tiny office and gate house to greet people coming to visit

shed roof style with overhead storage

meant for promotional touring of a product, this office is on the road 

fancy tiny office with lofts

a 7x13 that is all: loaded with character, storage and even a place to sleep

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