​When We Say "Custom", Your Cat Counts

Tiny House Northeast intentionally includes questions in your custom design consultation about your pets, of any type, when designing the layout and space requirements of your portable tiny house or office.

Beyond a window, or window access, a design component that is critical to include for cat(s) is a litter box nook and space for its clean and soiled litter. This nook doesn't "just happen". Where so few cubic feet must be optimized, the spot is chosen carefully, and taking the tracking of the dirty litter into account too. We've integrated the box both under a cabinet (where the other side of the wall has an upper cabinet access flush with the height of the counter) and as its own room accessed through the bathroom but actually resting on the trailer hitch tongue. That latter placement is still an entirely insulated portion of the building. Each placement and relative storage area will depend on the myriad of other needs of the human customer of the building. S/he who pays for the building gets the final word of course. 

For sustainable living we suggest using the natural pine or hardwood pellets for litter (we use the wood stove pellets. Such a great deal!). The wood neutralizes some of the smell and your feline is stepping in and on a natural substance. Best of all, the soiled litter can be taken outdoors and dumped in the woods, where it will be processed as nature intends!

Cat lookout: the thrill-maker!

Cats love to look outdoors. They need their minds stimulated, just like their human parents. The window keeps them safe.

Is this where you want your cat in your tiny house?

Cats will end up in any space that makes them feel safe, but with a good lookout to survey their larger environment. 

That wee window at the bottom

We don't care much about aesthetic symmetry. We care that your pet is happy. So, in goes the custom window!

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