Donating Time

We seek to solve some of the housing problems incurred by poverty and emergency situations

One way is to organize skilled and semi-skilled workers willing to work along with us to complete tiny houses quickly in towns and cities where needed. Building lots need to be pre-approved, so we also need volunteers who will work with planning and zoning boards to provide variances to ease the minimum building sizes [on foundations].

At the same time, we invite you to volunteer to present any RV communities to us, where the addition of a RV type tiny house (Weelhouse™) would be viewed as welcome leasing income to the mobile home park's owners. We'll donate our time to build at the workshop and offer the materials at cost for homeless community members' housing needs through organized municipal and state channels.

Tiny House Northeast has a few ideas about how to raise funds for these types of projects. They would be group efforts; homeless community members working side by side with others to organize, promote and participate in a way that is meaningful and practical to them: lend carpentry skills, paint, present music, art, provide sandwiches, coffee or bake sweets for the volunteer crew, etc. Home recipients can be part of the process to gain their new home, contributing with their hands and hearts, and invested to care for their future new home.

If you have ideas how you might volunteer please contact us. Or if you have ideas of where a community would welcome either a tiny house on a foundation, or a Weelhouse™ on a trailer, please let us know. We're ready to help.

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