Preparing for Your Tiny House Arrival

If your parking spot will be a driveway that is hard-packed stone, or is a professionally installed concrete, asphalt or a paver-type driveway, you are probably ready for your tiny house delivery!

Only you can know the geological content of any land that is not paved. It might be soft vegetation that is slowly decomposing (this would probably be the case where trees and brush had been cleared into a hole for example (it might appear so, but this content is not "solid fill". The ground will sink under your tiny house rather quickly).

The accessibility and durability of the tiny house parking site is one you need to address before the delivery. Please be prepared for the house to be parked. You'll want to have several items handy: trailer jacks that meet or exceed the weight you will be hoisting, stabilizer jacks and heavy solid [wedge] items that will stop the wheels from turning.

If you're going to want to have your house delivered [to a normal pickup truck-accessible spot] then you'll be responsible for assuring that the surface will be and remain level. If we are available to help you transport your Weelhouse, we guarantee a safe delivery only.

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