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To make an informed decision to have a tiny building on wheels custom design-built for you, please review the following. You might call this the "fine print" and a must-read:

Tiny House Northeast does not build on site where you own land. We design-build portable spaces only, bolted to a trailer, built for the Northeast weather, delivered in NH to tow to where you want to go.

We're not staffed to research suitable Tiny House on Wheels Parking sites. We are unable to do town by town research unfortunately.

Regarding financing, we are approved portable tiny house builders with NH Mutual Bancorp. We are the first design builders, who build exclusively portable buildings, to be approved. You must meet the terms that any bank would require for a down payment and sizable loan; i.e., your income, debt, credit, etc. will be closely reviewed, Options exist, outside of New Hampshire Mutual Bancorp , for you to explore financing. You may be approved for an RV loans (though our buildings are NOT RVs and far exceed them for living in and working in in cold weather climates like NH). There are also personal loans, and equity loans, for example. Tiny houses on wheels are currently not financed by real estate mortgages because they are portable.

Our payment terms span the life of the building process, which is several months. 

For tiny stationary (not on a trailer) work and living spaces, we offer layout design, and other design and drawing services.

The towing service of a building away from our work site in NH is typically performed by either the customer personally, or through a contract with a professional towing service between the customer and the towing entity.

Our services offered include environmentally safer and sustainable materials and processes. Note they often cost us more so they cost the customer more than standard construction materials and processes.

If the customer has a medical condition which requires special materials or processes, the customer will provide the unique information required to build what is safest for them.

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