Katie is a Master's level clinician, Process Consultant, and a tiny house enthusiast with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge!

Before Tiny House Northeast found her/Katie found us, and after some chaos with her tiny house planning/building process in 2015, Katie became the owner of a 26-foot long tiny house on wheels that was designed and decorated by her to cater to her personal lifestyle, hopes and dreams. Her home includes a bedroom loft and a storage loft, additional storage space, a galley kitchen, and vinyl flooring that looks remarkably like natural wood. Of utmost importance to her was to avoid sacrificing anything that was important to her. In particular, Katie enjoys her queen-sized super-comfortable mattress, a washer-dryer combo, and a meditation area in her tiny home.

She is thrilled to have the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience, working with/educating individuals and groups toward achieving both personal life goals and professional team goals, including within the context of tiny house living and/or housing development!

The journey that led her to meet Isa of Tiny House Northeast is an occurrence that she feels "utterly grateful for". Given the ultimately positive experience she has had with becoming the owner of a micro-house, Katie is a go-to for authentic, caring insight.

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