Transporting Your Tiny House

Towing for a Weelhouseâ„¢ and transport of foundation-ready houses/other tiny buildings for New England are available.


Regarding the Wheelhouse road-ready tiny house models, you may tow the tiny home away with a truck outfitted with the proper hitch and sufficient power (e.g., a 3/4 ton to 1-ton for 20' plus), hire a professional transport company, or we can try to provide some possible transport contacts for you; all of whom you contract with directly. We do not offer towing services. Any towing help; i.e., helping the customer make connections to contract directly with a towing business,  would be extended to tiny house purchases from THNE only, and in New England and upper NY State only. Trailer-only and tiny house purchases must be towed away within *2 weeks of the building completion (indicated by email). 

Note, to have a trailer plate, you will have to register the trailer. Customers are responsible to be aware of any State requirements for trailer registrations and plate visibility. We build tiny DOT certified tiny house trailers for heavy wood tiny houses on wheels. The trailers meet all requirements for all States. Registrations and plate administration is solely the responsibility of the customer. You will be provided a Bill of Sale and a Certificate of Origin with its unique VIN for all trailer purchases.

Important: Please make sure that your towing vehicle/company you choose is properly insured, and at least secures permits for oversized travel RVs if necessary (i.e., standard tiny houses that exceed height of 13.5' or Park Models exceeding the 8.5' width) for each state through which the building will be driven. You are responsible for the unit once it's off our property. Ideally, you might look for a towing services that includes:

1. A driver with a CDL

2. Proof of Insurance document

3. Practice towing [heavy] tiny houses on wheels who can place the building very specifically at your parking area

4. Excellent authentic references

5. A Vehicle that exceeds the ability to tow the GVWR


*For the tiny houses, rent of 100./week will ensue after 14 days while it remains at the building site or at our designated local parking. And if after that time the building must be towed to a different location to free the space, the customer will incur both: the fees of towing we must pay, plus $100./week space rent. Trailers will incur a 50./week space rental fee after 2 weeks. These fees are strictly enforced and the product will not be released without all fees paid.

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