Sustainable Recycling

Sustainable Recycling
Sustainable Recycling? Isn't that redundant? How can recycling not be sustainable?

The action of having "recyclables", alongside "trash" removed from property through a pick up service is the better choice for what would otherwise be disposed in landfills with the "trash". Right.

But as tiny house inhabitants, we know that there is almost always a more sustainable way to do things, contrary, or complementarily, to the way that the average person lives. We're not talking about making a flower from a cut up plastic milk container (though a bird-feeder ain't a bad idea).

Note, this "extended" recycling with sustonomy* in mind is most easily applied when you have your own land. So those with tiny house on wheels who are renting their space, this concept is not as useful, sorry.

There are amazing and instant ways to use what would normally dispose of in place of what is being sold new; from large plastic lids to broken china.

A great way to start to develop a more automatic response to reusing/re-purposing items is to note what you see when you shop at a department store or hardware store. This works best when you are aware of your inventory at home. While strolling the aisles, pay more attention to what you see and make a mental note of what you have at home that looks or functions like the item. Many mass produced things, such as the round plastic squirrel "shields" for bird-feeders were not at all a genius invention! There had been an empty salt ice-melt bucket hanging around the house whose big lid had a practical use!

The best way to handle waste however, is:

Reduce what you buy
Buy used items as often as practical
Use what you have until it doesn't function
If it can be fixed for less than it costs to buy a new or used one, fix it

*The mesh of economic gain or savings with environmental protection/conservation

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