Parking and Renting Land

Year-Round Tiny House Parking in The Northeast

You have to discover for yourself where to park since there are hundreds of zones in almost as many States in the Northeast. We are not able to know this for you. Please look online on a per town basis (e.g., on the town's website) for the zoning bylaws which indicate what has been approved for living in an RV, mobile home or camper (tiny houses on wheels can be built to fit into these categories most of the time).


State and municipal policy is evolving around portable stick-build tiny houses, and has been for some years now. There are several easier options for parking and living in a tiny house on wheels in cold climates such as MA, NH, ME, RI, VT, CT and Upper NY

If you want to take the easiest road (pun intended), then your best parking spot for your tiny house on wheels, or our Weelhouses, would be in a mobile park where they are equipped for year-round living. Talk to the park owner or decision-maker. Make sure your building is equipped to tie into utlities as everyone else is at the site, and can prove the safety of your building.

Year-round RV and mobile home campgrounds are becoming slighly more common in our Northeast where we experience hard, freezing winters. But, it's difficult to convert current seasonal plumbing to plumbing well under ground to prevent freezing. Furthermore, a mobile home park is set up/administrated differently than a campground; i.e., taxes paid/standards met. Most campgrounds are still seasonal in the Northeast. 

There are a few approaches tiny home owners have taken to secure parking for their tiny houses. A few include:

1. You have land of your own

2. Family or friends have welcomed you onto their land

3. Parking on farm 

4. Some have posted their inquiry for parking on craigslist for their home sites

In all cases where it's not your land, whether it's rent-free or not, be careful to have an agreement between you and the landowner. We suggest that you make a contract with your landlords to identify exactly what they will provide and at what cost, and be clear about their expectations of you, the renter; e.g., Will the landlord mow the lawn/shovel the driveway? Are you expected to mow the lawn/shovel the driveway? Is it ok if no one mows the lawn/shovel the driveway, etc.?

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