Tiny Cedar Cabins



How to estimate square footage?

Multiply the length of your desired tiny house by its width. If you want to include the lofts then do the same for them: multiply length by width. Add the measurements together. You get the square footage. Easy right?

Examples (we get this a lot):

1. You want a 400 square foot tiny house. A maximum tiny house on wheels is 350 sq feet (and that's pushing it!) so anything over that is going to be set on a foundation.

2. Our maximum delivery size is 10 feet (10') wide. You inquire about a 500 square foot tiny house. Divide 500 by 10. That's 50' of length for a 10' wide tiny house if you have no lofts. You'll need an approx. 35'-50' long house - depending on whether you have lofts or not, and assuming that the loft(s) will not be more than approx. 1/2 the square feet of the upper level space.


Tiny House Northeast (THNE) custom design-builds tiny cedar cabins for New England weather. This northeast construction company uses genuine white cedar.


  • This wood can age without any finishes to a nice gray. Very New England!
  • Cedar has natural insect repelling properties
  • It can be resourced in the Northeast
  • Get significant discounts on our furniture to go with your house, including custom cabinetry using natural materials such granite and repurposed furniture
  • We will work with you to provide green building materials!

Because each tiny house is custom designed*, any further estimations can only be provided with 1. engineered tiny house plans for the particular project and ready to build, or 2. plans of a tiny house that has been constructed before; e.g., plans from Tumbleweed, Tiny House Design, etc. (the paid planning process is a requirement if neither are available. We must charge for design and plan time). Reminder: WE DO only paid plans!

We absolutely LOVE the floor plan! You have done a great job capturing all of our wants and needs."

~ Lindsey B., ME

The website is fortified with information. Please take a good look through it.

*We will design a tiny house to be set on a foundation for you, which includes CAD drawings incorporating tiny house space efficiency and other principles typical of wood/stick-built tiny houses. We do not send builders out to work at your building site, but will work with your local contractor of your choosing. Please inquire about our planning process for these larger of the tiny houses or other buildings in NH, MA, ME, VT, RI, CT and NY.

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