Static Tiny House Building Plans

Our tiny house building plans are created for your specific tiny house, office or studio in MA, NH, ME, VT, RI, CT and NY. Designed to meet Residential Building Codes (including required ceiling heights, unlike the tiny houses on wheels) for our Northeast weather, each set of plans is intended to be followed by your local contractor to build where you are. We don't send building crews out to work sites, but through our consultation process, we embed the space efficiency and other components unique to tiny residences or work buildings less than 600 square feet.

The process is defined by 2 steps.

Step 1: A prepaid custom design consultation starts the process and results in a birdseye layout drawing. Together, we establish how to meet the needs of your very particular family; hobbies, lifestyle, pets, disabilities, renewable energy, and more. As an example, for a static rectangular tiny house the fee is approx. 495. prepaid for approx. 500 sq feet building with 2 storage lofts (residential building code for static houses does not approve short lofts like the tiny houses on wheels have). Included in the fee, you will be provided (1) color-coded birdseye view(s) of floor layouts (upper and lower levels as applicable) incorporating kitchen counters, sinks, appliances, storage, bathroom related and other main fixtures according to your needs. The default is to take into account optimal tiny-house-sized appliances in the layout, but you can also choose to adopt [the often less expensive] standard sizes. We need to know the house size and essential desired architecture to determine your intial consultation fee. Having photos or tiny house plans that are similar to what you want will be useful but not necessary.

Step 2: Once the birdseye has been determined, we'll then have a close estimate of the cost of the building plan step. Also prepaid, you can expect an additional 500-600. That range is likely unless you have added unusual architectural details; e.g., cantilevered porch, unusual shaped dormers, etc. This second step results in detailed drawings of the wood construction you need for a professional carpenter to build your tiny home, including elevations and other above-the-foundation perspectives. Framing is based on spans, window sizes and door(s) choices, chase wall(s) for plumbing, etc.

Additional charges will accrue with essential architectural changes after you have established for us to go ahead with the builders drawings; e.g., adding dormers, changing the location of the egresses, changing the roof style, and/or relocating the utilities access points, adding posts, adding a loft, etc. To help you avoid these larger charges we make every effort to determine the major components of your building during the phone meeting and prior to the drawings. Additional fees are in minimum increments of hours.

Only 1 birdseye [set] is included once the builders plans are in progress or complete. If the building plans are amended, another birdseye is not required as you will already have the idea of general component spacing, proximity and sizes from the original set. Again, we want to avoid additional charges for you, and make every effort to determine the major components of your building during the phone meeting and prior to the drawings.

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