Off-Grid Energy & PV's

400 WATT SOLAR KIT FOR TINY HOUSES 1,200. plus free delivery*

Freedom to live off The Grid? Environmentally focused? Wanting to save money?

Save $$ over Home Depot's same kit. Order through THNE using our contact form. The kit includes:

  1. (4) 100-Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panels

  2. 35 Amp Charge Controller

  3. 2,000-Watt Inverter

  4. Cables and Manual

The inverter includes 2 outlets and a usb port, but to make the most of the energy, you may want to purchase a deep cycle battery or 2 to store power. The kit does not include a mounting system. Our thought is that our DIYers are handy and can save some money by constructing their own.

Please no calls. Please contact us via email and state that you want to purchase the solar kit in the subject area of the contact form.

This is a high quality kit with components built with longevity in mind.

Depending on location and available surface for mounting, solar power can assume the power of some or all of the electricity requirements of the building and/or water heating. A portable system of approximately 400 watts can help you energize a few modern conveniences, but, if energy and heat requirements are planned well (ask THNE), system combinations, including propane heat and stovetop, for example, can equal off-electric-grid freedom!

If you're interested in a comprehensively environmentally friendly tiny house, then you'll be pleased to know that THNE is invested in renewable energy. Please inquire.

* The free delivery offer is only valid for purchases in New England and delivered to within 50 road miles of Portsmouth, NH

Tiny houses are inherently environmentally friendly, requiring fewer resources to build, run and maintain. The clean renewable energy option of solar power (photovoltaics or "PV") is a complement to the tiny house framework of keeping costs low and conserving natural resources.

Solar is supported with incentives (rebates, loans and more) in New England. Each of these sites lead to more information to make solar cheap or free for your tiny home or office!




New Hampshire:


Rhode Island:

* The portable systems for the Weelhouses can handle electricity requirements outside of heat or hot water. Tiny offices or homes on foundations can be connected to larger PV systems however. If the land and location (you do need sun for efficient solar!) are right, you will be able to power the entire building.

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