The Wheelship Our Deluxe Tiny House

The Wheelship or "Weelship" is our Deluxe Complete Tiny House on Wheels. Like a sailing yacht, A Weelship model is built for the person whose concern is enjoying extraordinary workmanship, including the appointments that suggest a fine ship, with hardwoods, fine architectural embellishments, and finishes that guard from the elements like only the sea-worthy do.

The towable Wheelship RV does not require being sheathed in plastic nor annual hull scraping, and requires no particular place for storage, within the limits of an RV. It is, in fact, not shaped like a boat!

Some of its materials include:

  • Teak and/or mahogany
  • Marvin windows and/or nautical grade windows
  • Turned wood and brass hardware
  • Marine type head
  • Superior grade appliances manufactured for compact spaces
  • Steel belted radial tires, including a spare
  • A selection of important extras that send you off ready to live comfortably, including best quality heated hose for remote connections to water supplies on the road any time of year, mounted Smart TV, outlets outfitted with USB chargers, 300 Watt solar array (max.), high quality vented propane heater, stovetop and hot water on demand.

We will work with you to design-build your Wheelship and promise a tiny house that exceeds your dreams! Please contact us.

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