Getting Started with Your Tiny House Plan



"Isa was fantastic to work with throughout the design process of our tiny home! She provided us with a list of things to consider as we scaled our lifestyle down and continually answered all of our questions and reassured us when we had concerns. We enjoyed our phone consultation with her and felt that our needs and wants were taken into consideration as our design was drafted. We absolutely love what she came up with!

Isa also does a great job of pointing out what makes Tiny House Northeast so unique as a tiny house company. The hearty New England winters can be a challenge even in a traditional home, so we wanted to work with someone who was familiar with the concerns cold weather can bring. We were thrilled to find a local business that was willing to guide us through this adventure and would recommend them to anyone in New England who plans on going tiny."

~Allison C. & Ricky O., NH


Most design ideas we see via email from potential customers are rough collections of notes/images of tiny house architecture and other components that seem very attractive to them, often from cable TV shows and the Internet, but are not buildable plans. We require buildable plans. To that end, We offer 1. a custom design consultation service for a layout, from which we extrapolate full in-house building plans, or 2. We can develop real building plans if you don't supply real building plans from another entity. In either case, we'll help plan exactly what will work for you, the tiny house, office or commercial space customer: for the individual, couple or family; with disabilities, hobbies, lifestyle; dogs, cats; offgrid options and more. It's a thorough process. We strive to make use of every square foot in a way that will allow you to truly enjoy and thrive in your new living space! 

We welcome you to hire a building engineer to create real building plans on your behalves and submit them to us. Not many construction companies nor professional individuals, (builders or architects) are as skilled and knoweldgeable about tiny house specific efficiencies as we are, however, so beware of those who have never hands-on built a tiny house on wheels. Our builders are highly experienced.

The first type of consultation includes prepayment via paypal, followed by an emailed topical outline from us, a phone consultation meeting, and a subsequent CAD drawn birdseye layout of the main floor and loft. Upon this amount of information we can also supply a closer cost estimate of the actual cost of the construction. In-house, we're able to build from these layout plans, and no further building plan fees are required on the part of the customer. You will not receive building plans free of charge even if you build through us.

It's your choice: you supply us with EITHER: real engineered plans; e.g., you had purchased from Tumbleweed or Tiny House Design websites, OR you pay for the custom design consultation that results in the birdseye layout, from which we work to build your dream tiny house. If you choose to go the extra mile so you personally have complete sill-and-up building plans with elevations, read for more information below please.


Basic Design Consultation fees are based mostly on length dimension (some unusual design additions, like fancy gables, can cost more than listed) and fees subject to change. We'll often have a no-charge phone chat first, to see what you might need for length based on the number of sleeping spaces, disabilities and "must have" appliances before custom design consultation charges are established:

8'wx16' to18'l are 195.-250. each (due to short length, complexity of architecture is limited; e.g., no stairs)
8'wx19'to 24'l are 250.-295. each, depending on the complexity of the architecture
8'wx25' to 28'l are 295.- 395. each, depending on the complexity of the architecture
*8'wx29' to 32'l are 395.- and up, depending on the complexity of the architecture (we currently build up to 30', but can design for longer)


Tiny House or Office Custom Design Consultation Step 1: After you submit our Contact Form [goes to our email] our conversation starts and we roughly establish the building size you need via phone or email. Once we have the request from you for the design consultation and resulting floor plan* layout you'll receive a paypal request for the appropriate fee (above).

Design Consultation Step 2: You'll be contacted by email for a phone meeting time that works for everyone.

Design Consultation Step 3: Within approximately 3 business days you'll receive the extensive topic outline via email to review prior to the phone meeting, designed to make the most of the approximate 1-1.5 hours; length of meeting depends on the size and complexity of building.

Design Consultation Step 4: During the meeting you'll be asked many questions that address important facets of having/living/thriving in a tiny house that work for you and your lifestyle. After teh meeting you'll have 2 or 3 business days to ponder your responses and change them - or not.

Design Consultation Step 5: Tiny House Northeast then creates a CAD drawn floor layout to meet your specific needs. If requested, we then provide an estimated cost to build. Note, the charge of the consultation is applied to the purchase if you proceed to order within the following 1 year. Ordering a tiny house or office to be built by THNE requires first the purchase of the trailer, and a 50% non-refundable building deposit at time of full building order.

Subsequent 2-3 small changes to the layout presented are permitted free of charge; e.g., adding a cabinet door to a shelf, additional window in existing open wall, reversing 1 plumbed appliance for another (of nearly same height and width), etc.; i.e., low impact changes. Large changes, on the other hand, including reversing wall for plumbing fixtures, changing entrance position, adding a loft, and other impactful alterations will result in chargeable hours in 1-hour increments, with the first hour pre-paid. Thank you.

"A core purpose of the consultation is to help develop customers' ideas, which then develop the floor plan. Try to avoid providing a floor plan or wish list before the consultation if possible."


What if the plans purchased from another company aren't exactly what you need to build for your particular building?

Customer's changes to an engineered drawing often represent a series of changes on the layout because the placement and size of everything is so critically relevant in a tiny house or office. The changes will require the payment of an hourly fee for THNE to make the adjustments at a rate of a minimum of 2 hours at 75./hour, prepaid. A common inquiry, "Could you just move the sink [or loft, or door, etc.], then this plan would be perfect." makes us smile every time. Moving a single item can cause a rotation of components to alternate walls, or cause the elimination of some components altogether in the tiny house layout.

Real building plans are not provided to customers by default as mentioned, only the fee-based birdseye layout detailed above as a result of the custom design consultation. You may however request developing engineered building plans with us that include elevations so you can build on your own or through another company. We offer a team design process whose service rate starts at $450. after the basic custom design consultation fee is paid and that process is completed; i.e., CAD layout is in the customer's hands to review.

We absolutely LOVE the floor plan! You have done a great job capturing all of our wants and needs."

~ Lindsey B., ME

Based on common architectural styles, door-window orientations, roof types, etc. we help you arrive at a buildable design. You will be provided the fee-based actual plans to use where you choose, if not with Tiny House Northeast. Engineer-stamped plans incur an added fee at the prevailing market rate.

Before proceeding with any planning, you should know the following for yourself:

1. Do you have confirmed financing and/or savings available to move forward? For tiny house contruction we require a 50% deposit, and 50% upon completion, predelivery. For the paid services above, we do not need to know your finances (and they are mostly prepaid), but to move forward with construction, you must be prepared to provide information about your financing.

2. Your home port or "parking", will be up to you. If a permanent location alludes you for the time being, it's a common thing to plan to stay in a driveway or someone's farmland for a while. Keep your ears open. Sorry, we are unable to locate tiny house parking or rental spaces for Weelhouses, nor foundation type tiny house shells at this time.

Again, the website is fortified with information. Please take a good look through it. We take your tiny house trek seriously, and are careful to offer only researched info., especially FAQs.

Before you arrived here you probably saw an ocean of information on the Internet about tiny houses; from prices to free homeowner advise; renewable energy options to water capture techniques and storage. If you became overwhelmed, back up a bit. Take it easy knowing that Tiny House Northeast houses and other tiny buildings are not just built for New Englanders but built for New England climates and seasons. We apply unique design components to our tiny homes that assure its inhabitants a warm and safe journey through cold snowy winters - even in remote areas (please inquire about upgrades for remote living. As long as the parking spot is level, it can get there).

We're proud to live here, and to offer what Northeast Yankees want out of their tiny house: fair price, excellent construction and craftsmanship through skilled workers, meeting RV criteria (and exceeding it), and Weelshell options, with a sustainable materials focus. Upproot, move and roll away. It might be the most meaningful and fun gift you have ever conceived for yourself!

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