Acquiring Tiny House Furniture

Acquiring the right furniture for a tiny house, whether on a foundation or a tiny house on wheels (i.e., our Weelhouses), can be a lot of fun and a bit of a "puzzle" for the non design-builder.

THNE has designed super multipurpose furniture that is more economical to incorporate into your tiny house when it's under construction. Examples include comfortable couches that include storage, which can be further designed to add a single sleeping area for guests, or a below-bench surface for the dog's bed. Seating and slide-out eating surfaces can be created using your kitchen's under-counter storage. Desks and wall space can convert from work-to-play stations; where stand-or-sit computer desks become media stations, and stairs can be perfect containers for various storage types; from drawers to a "hall closet" where long winter coats and a couple of fancy dresses can hang full length.

Some people like the puzzle. They look through the inventory of standard size furniture stores, finding little that is suitable until they make their way to used and antique furniture stores. There's furniture with shallow footprints and extra height that seemed to have been made for a tiny house decades or centuries ago. Take this approach or combine it with ours. Together, we'll create the most efficient and fun use of space.

On the Green Front

At Tiny House Northeast, we appreciate used furniture and are pleased to integrate furniture that you have ready for us before building design starts. We personally believe in re-using anything possible if it fulfills the criteria of beauty and durability. Bring it on!

Please contact us if you would like us to help you build your tiny house furniture or resource reclaimed wood and gently used furniture from New England.

At right is a handmade cabinet that is only approximtaely 3' high and 8" deep. Think "tall" versus deep for a t-house layout, including kitchen counters! There are appliances that also accommodate the more shallow depths.

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