Tiny House RV Camper!

Trade in your standard metal and vinyl recreational vehicle for a wood tiny house on wheels. Lose none of the comforts! Gain a beautiful, portable natural structure your camp mates will admire.

Our tiny houses on wheels are built for Northeast weather so you can live comfortably in them any time of the year you choose. They can be outfitted with all typical campground hookup conveniences (RV/marine style toilet, black and gray water tanks, 30 or 50 amp service, external hose water connection).

THNE assures that everyone who experiences the THNE Weelhouse's natural beauty inside and out, will deeply appreciate the healthier living environment, comfortable proportions, stairs to the loft, snug insulation and architectural details. And furthermore, you will never want to return to a vinyl-aluminum RV model with its formaldehyde wall fillings and thin structure meant for warm-season-only residence.

We'll design-build your tiny house RV for your exact needs.

Regarding Sizes

Tiny houses that require no special permit or license to tow [behind a truck] are 8.5' wide and 13.5' high. Common lengths are 16'-30'. We also build 10' w park models.

Regarding Prices

Complete, ready to live in tiny homes on wheels, our Weelhouses, can range from 35,000-70,000. depending on length, roof styles, layout details, lofts and several other variables.

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