WeelShellâ„¢ Tiny House Shells for Cold Weather Buildings

katie beside a weelshell tiny house shell on wheels by tiny house northeastWe offer 2 levels of tiny house on wheels shells - our Weelshells- for cold weather buildings. Note please: we DO NOT install mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) in the Weelshells! 

Level 1: The Tiny House Northeast Basic Includes the trailer, bolting/other fastening hardware, insulated floor, framing, sheathing, taping, all-season windows, door, and a metal roof plus all the water sealing elements for a water-tight shell: ice and water shield for roof, drip edge, flashing, exterior caulking and more, so you can start the completion on the inside or outside depending on the weather. Note that completion of a building should ensue by the customer after Weelshell's tow away in NH. Tape, sheathing and other components are meant to be covered within a determined window by Huber ZIP Systems products manufacturer. 

Level 2: Tiny House Northeast You-Do Interior Tiny House Shell Includes the trailer, bolting/other fastening hardware, 3-layered insulated floor, framing, sheathing, taping, all-season non-special order windows, door, and a metal roof, so you can start the completion on the inside. The Level 2 Weelshell also has complete exterior trim, pine cladding (you may upgrade to cedar - check local lumber yards for price difference. Cedar can be 5 times more), corner, rake and eve trim and various drip edge and flashing.

The Ballpark Price range for a Basic of a simple design with a shed roof, pine exterior and 1 loft , from 8'x16' up to 30', starts at approximately *30,000-50,000. plus the *trailer cost. We can also create shells that are 10 ' to 15' long as well. Ask for pricing.

Each tiny house, office, workshop, or showroom is custom design-built, even when it's a shell. The required architecture for each person, couple, family, with and without pets, disabilities, etc. is unique. It might be hard to believe, but we have created dozens of designs and not 1 has suited more than 1 customer. Please consider either attending a Basics Design and Planning class or using our custom design services. They are invaluable - even if you have been researching for a couple years.

We'll need a plan from you, or consultation completed through us, to provide a closely estimated quote. We can usually offer a very rough estimate, however, if you can answer a few questions about your planned building, including length, roof style, sleeping spaces and any special materials; e.g., a very large picture window will increase this price range above.

*Materials prices prevail at time of construction. If there's an increase for us, then there's an increase for you. Likewise in reverse!

katie beside a shorter weelshell tiny house shell on wheels by tiny house northeast
Weelshells pictured: DIY BASIC & You-Do Interior (plus windows and door) for MA, NH, ME, VT, CT, RI, NY

You are responsible for the towing contract and payment with the towing service from NH. Your travel destinations are up to you. We build for NH.

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