Tiny House Trailers Built for Heavy Construction

Custom built for Tiny house Northeast for your hardy cold weather construction. Affordable trailers, and DOT assured!

Tiny House Northeast offers affordable custom construction of hardy welded steel tiny house trailers optimized for our New England weather. They feature the DOT requirements, distributed strength and proper axles for yearround tiny homes on wheels construction for wherever the weather requires a heavy-duty trailer.

Offering custom-made tiny house trailers measured in lengths of 12, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24 feet. A 28' tri-axle is also available May - Sept only. Contact us and please put "trailer purchase" in the subject area.

The trailers we use in our builds are designed for tiny houses! The Tiny House (thow) trailers built for our Weelhouses and Wheelshells are the same excellent quality trailers that will be custom built for your own do-it-yourself tiny house building projects. Unlike a traditional RV or camper trailer, ours bear the weight you intend to carry for your wood construction thow, and will last for years and years. No cheap stuff!

Save and purchase though Tiny House Northeast today! Trailers are towed from NH!

Road and Construction Ready Tiny House Trailers

  • Rigid construction for the the Northeast weather stick-built tiny house
  • High quality. We care that your trailer is the foundation of your house!
  • DOT compliant (road ready)
  • Approx. 5" bed recess or flatbed with no recess. Your choice.
  • Options for axles (various GVWRs for a custom trailer)
  • Options for total flange width (we suggest 94" or 96", leaving room for roofing to extend beyond building sides, even after wood siding)
  • Default TOTAL width including the fenders is 8.5'. The bed on/in which the building floor structure will be built is always between the wheel-wells for structural integrity. However the horizontal flange that runs the parameter can be various widths
  • Customization is possible but will add to cost


We're pleased to provide an estimate for the sizes you might need if you Contact us. Please also describe your construction plans so we can help you ascertain a safe GVWR.

Delivery Info

Pick up of the tiny house trailer is in Wakefield, NH. Towing is the buyer's responsibility but sometimes we can arrange some help. Contact us and please put "trailer delivery" in the subject area if you need to hire help for towing trailers you purchase FROM US (only for our customers). For most tiny house trailers a minimum of a 1/2 to a 1-ton truck is recommended, with a 7-pin electricals connection, as seen in the image above. You'll need 2 5/16" ball hitch for nearly all dual axle trailers. We will help you assess what you need for a vehicle at a minimum to tow either your trailer or a tiny house on wheels safely, but you, the customer, is responsible for the towing capacity of the vehicle s/he uses to tow. 

Financing: Not available

The tiny house trailer must be paid in full before the trailer is released to tow away. Payments are made in cash, certified check or wire transfer. Idea: Please check the Internet for 0% credit card offers.


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