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Tiny Houses: A Very Different Approach To Home Ownership

The presentation focuses on the basics of planning for and owning a tiny house on wheels; both its challenges and advantages, offering insights unique from the currently popular tiny house themed TV shows. From approximately "how much" to "where to live", it addresses options for their general design, and heat, hot water and electricity choices, among other components. Living in a tiny house year-round is a topic of rapidly developing debate. Learn why something so "cute" and compact could cause so much discussion!

“Tiny House Northeast’s presentation on Tiny Houses as an alternative to traditional homes, brought new people into the library and was lively and engaging. This is a timely subject good for folks looking for a way to live more simply and those just dreaming about it.” ~ Karen McCarthy Eger, Library Director, South Berwick Public Library, South Berwick, Maine

Presenter's Bio

Isa is the Project Manager and lead designer from Tiny House Northeast, a New England and upper NY State tiny house design-build business. Isa earned a M.A. in Regional Economic and Social Development with a concentration in Sustainable Development, including green building materials and construction methods research. Isa has owned a tiny house since she was 19-years old, as do several of the Tiny House Northeast team.

Fees, availability and sometimes accommodations are dependent on location in New England. We will respond to Library representatives from Library email addresses or Town/City email addresses with fees for a geographical location.

Transporting a tiny house to the event is financially prohibitive for most Public Libraries given a minimum towing charge of 500. and reaching 1,500. (our cost to hire a licensed, insured professional transporter). If you have special funding to cover this addition to the program, please inquire.

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