• International Retail Design Conference, Seattle Washington
    Title of Presentation/Theme: Transportable Retail Design-Build
  • New Hampshire Building Officials Association, Concord, NH
    Title of Presentation/Theme: Tiny House Design-Build Construction Basics
  • American Planning Association, Southern New England APA Conference, Providence RI
    Title of Presentation/Theme: Small Answers to a Big Problem? Tiny Houses and Cottage Communities
  • Southern New England Chapter, National Kitchen & Bath Association
    Title of Presentation/Theme: Tiny House Design Build; Kitchen/Bath Focus
  • New Hampshire State Home Show, Manchester, NH
    Title of Presentation/Theme: Tiny House Design-Build
  • Rhode Island Home Show, Providence RI
    Title of Presentation/Theme: On-site tiny house specialist to answer builder and consumer questions
  • Somerville Climate Action, Armory, Somerville, MA
    Title of Presentation/Theme: Tiny House Design-Build

Additionally, Isa has presented at secondary schools, universities, and at dozens of Public Libraries in MA, ME and NH as an evening presenter covering the general topic of Tiny Houses; from design essentials, off-grid options, and evolving policy to living tiny and ADU limitations and opportunities.


Isa bought her first tiny home, a tiny Victorian Era wood cottage, at 19-years old. It's approx 400 square feet encompassed in 2 floors. She has been involved in the maintenance of that antique and other residential home building projects since then, including contracting, resourcing materials and managing logistics for Tiny House Northeast.


Having earned an M.A. in Regional Economic and Social Development, with a focus in sustainable development at UMass Lowell, she spent graduate school learning and sharing information about Green Building via the radio show she produced, The Long View. Immediately after graduate school, Isa focused on the economic development of green focused building-related businesses via marketing and design. Spacial aptitude/optimizing small spaces, and aesthetic design experience gave way to actual construction project management; i.e., portable homes and offices at Tiny House Northeast in 2014.


Question: When is tiny so tiny you can use scraps to build it? Answer: when the building is created specifically to replace a tent! Isa is the proud builder-owner of a super micro-building on wheels, constructed ONLY to sleep and change in! A sturdily framed building, It includes a used trailer, reclaimed antique window, scrap ship-lap, and left-over metal roofing. It handles a twin bed, hanging clothes' storage, small table with 2 chairs, and shelves. Its interior dimensions are a mere 4.5' x 9'. 

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