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The following information will help your library or other institution to promote or publicize the Tiny House Northeast presentation of Tiny House basics, and prepare the a/v for the presentation evening.


Please only use photos we provide you. Please do not use others' images; e.g., from the Internet's [Google] images for example, to promote the event. You will be provided a link to photos or be emailed photos for your event publicity. We don't have a standard flyer since each Library's demographic is unique to its town or city in NH, MA, ME, CT, RI and VT, but we're pleased to review your completed flyer if that is useful to you.


Possible event title [Feel free to rename this to optimize its appeal to your attendees or in your own voice. Please note that this is not a building instruction class]: "Tiny Houses: A Very Different Approach to Home Ownership"


The presentation focuses on the basics of planning for and owning a tiny house on wheels; both its challenges and advantages, offering insights unique from the currently popular tiny house themed TV shows. From approximately "how much" to "where to live", it addresses options for their general design, and heat, hot water and electricity choices, among other components. Living in a tiny house year-round is a topic of rapidly developing debate. Learn why something so "cute" and compact could cause so much discussion!


Presenter's Short Biography [Isa is pronounced "Esa" like "Lisa" with no "L"]
Isa Bauer is the Project Manager and lead designer from Tiny House Northeast, a New England and upper NY State tiny house design-build business. Isa earned an M.A. in Regional Economic and Social Development with a concentration in Sustainable Development, including green building materials and construction methods research. Isa has owned a tiny house since she was 19-years old, as do several of the Tiny House Northeast team.

[Please feel free to interview Isa on the phone or request any further educational background or other background information. We are pleased to provide it!]


Day of Presentation Preparation

Prior to arrival, please provide a focused projector and screen setup. The PowerPoint presentation will be on an external drive, which can be run on any computer that has PowerPoint installed.


Isa will arrive at approximately ½ hour before the presentation. Please have the AV equipment pre-tested that day prior to arrival; for video focus, and having had the mic and speakers also checked that day [if the venue is particularly large and will require a mic for Isa to be be heard]. The audience will be prompted to sit closer if you do not have an audio system for Isa (there is no audio in the Powerpoint). We'll make it work so everyone enjoys and benefits from the presentation.


The following is critical Information about video, audio and photographs during the presentation. Our researched information is proprietary. The PowerPoint itself is not to be videotaped nor photographed please.

In regards video-taping, we encourage the tiny house information be made public and useful with the following limits please:

  • THNE is able to retrieve a copy of video footage at no charge (copied to our backup drive) with full license to its use
  • THNE has final approval on video content broadcast for the purpose of accuracy
  • That THNE offers any recorded information as a public non-profit service and that no photographs nor video content shall be intentionally released to a commercial entity or for any financial profit.
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