woodworking and built-ins

Tiny House Northeast's woodworkers embrace a unique ethic of quality craftsmanship, a remainder from our early New England ancestors' determination to make practical, long-lasting furniture. We're enjoying our work design-building! Join us in the fun! Ask us to build your own unique wood tiny house in NH ME MA VY NY CT and RI. Go classic and cozy or modern chic, or live out your own fantasy tiny building with us!

Tiny House Northeast appreciates the properties of wood as a building material for the main structure, inside and out, and storage and counter space. Wood is a healthier and renewable resource for most customers. We think it looks great too! Essential construction lumber is usually resourced here in New England/in the Northeast, including Canada. We can incorporate exotic hardwoods to add texture, color and rigidity to some projects, but we venture not to increase the imports of woods from regions whose harvesting practices are not managed for sustainability: e.g. from protected rainforests. But if you have it available already, it's here, let's use it!

Using local wood sources and repurposing existing wood components, early New England carpenters were applying sustainable practices before the term became synonymous with conservation.

We apply a couple of approaches to the design-build of custom built-in furniture of a tiny house. They include both: constructing new items built directly in or on a wall, floor or ceiling surface, and/or incorporating/modifying existing furniture: antiques, other used furniture, Gramma's dining table, etc. to fit and complement the tiny house scale. We will gladly use your wood furniture* in your tiny house if it meets our structural standards (for your safety). Just ask to have the furniture - with its measurements- included into the building plans ahead, before we provide an estimate.

Examples of furniture include:

  • wheelchair height and other special considerations
  • fold-down tables/craft stations
  • fold-down computer stations (standing or sitting)
  • fold-down beds
  • storage cabinetry
  • counters
  • bookshelves
  • benches
  • end tables
  • and more!

Note that built-ins open floor space, and reduce the tiny house weight.

*Regarding your own wood furniture that would like to incorporate, we do not repair furniture provided to us. We are often able to modify it to fit in your tiny house design, which requires cutting portion of the structure off. THNE can not be held responsible for breakage. Wood components from the customer are provided to us at the customer's risk. We can't know how wood will behave once cut, as carefull as we may be.

Constructed in NH, No-wheel Shells (tiny houses, no wheels) are ONLY offered for Eastern NH & Northeastern MA. Your local GC is required.

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