Tiny House on Wheels - Weelhouse™

Weelhouses™, including tiny houses, offices, craft and workforce housing on wheels, are built for the Northeast weather!

Tiny House Northeast is cultivating sustainable living and working spaces with the efficiency, aethetic value and comforts of an old-fashioned cabin, Victorian cottage, or a hip urban pad through tiny houses on wheels (THOW), our Weelhouses™.

We work with customers to create a building plan. Virtually all available space can be optimized while leaving room for a customer's lifestyle.

Builders are experienced carpenters. Project leaders have a core desire to support environmentally friendly building. We feel that an understanding of the tiny house concept paired with a genuine focus on conservation contributes to superior construction practices.

Weelhouses™ are offered at various building stages, including 2 levels of WeelShells that leave a lot or a little to do to make it complete, and the turnkey models, which are outfitted with the appliances required for the structure to be permanently installed (e.g., a stovetop is installed; free-standing refrigerator is not). Customers need to only hook up to sources of water, fuel, electricty, etc. or have planned [with THNE or another provider] off-the-grid alternatives.

If you opt for our standard RV width/height tiny house (maximum 8.5.' W x 13.5 H)) you have a home that functions like an RV; with its flexibility, affordability and simplicity. But your home or office on wheels is constructed with wood and other more friendlier/less caustic materials* than a traditional RV or mobile home (don't look to Tiny House Northeast for vinyl and aluminum builds). Ours look, feel and smell great!

Once we build your tiny house, the delivery is part of our service and built into your cost. Once delivered, it can be moved with a simple hitch to a strong pickup truck, which is normally a comfortable 3/4 to 1-ton truck minimum for anything over 20' L. With the Weelhouse™ there are no requirements for any special "wide load" approvals for highway transport.

*If requested, THNE is pleased to use only no VOC and green products to support the most healthy environment as possible. These products tend to be more expensive. The most sustainable type products must be requested ahead of materials purchase and building. Please let us know your priorities before we provide a project estimate. Consultatation fees apply for research and integration into a design-build.

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